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South African Flag
Country Profile:
Country name: Republic of South Africa (+ names in other official languages)
Head of State: President
Capital City: Pretoria (admin), Cape Town (legislative), Bloemfontein (judicila)
Population: 59.6 million
GDP: $351 billion
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A Republic composed of nine Provinces

The two joint architects of the New South Africa - The Rainbow Nation

Two great men who jointly founded the New South Africa

F W de Klerk

He wisely handed over power

Nelson Mandela

He accepted and used power wisely

While credit must be given to the above named founders for the smooth transition of power and the avoidance of turmoil, it may be a mistake to see everything with rose-tinted glasses. Mandela's successors have not always kept faith with his vision. Today's South Africa suffers from serious governance and law and order problems. There have also been disturbing reports of violence against farmers and the disenfranchisement of a section of the population that was deemed to have benefited from the previous dispensation. It is hoped that these problems can be recognised and addressed so that the new South Africa can realise its full potential. In the meantime, it is still an attractive country with much to offer and it's worth keeping tabs on its real estate.

Cape Town

Pop: 3.43 mil

Prov: Western Cape


Pop: 3.12 mil

Prov: Kwazulu-Natal


Pop: 2.03 mil

Prov: Gauteng


Pop: 1.70 mil

Prov: Gauteng


Pop: 1.62 mil

Prov: Gauteng

Port Elizabeth

Pop: 0.97 mil

Prov: Eastern Cape


Pop: 0.75 mil

Prov: Kwazulu-Natal


Pop: 0.60 mil



Pop: 0.56 mil

Prov: Free State

The Provinces of South Africa:

Htonl, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Pop.:14.66 mil


Pop.:11.21 mil

Western Cape

Pop:6.65 mil

Eastern Cape

Pop:6.51 mil


Pop:5.85 mil


Pop:4.52 mil

North West

Pop:3.92 mil

Free State

Pop:2.89 mil

Northern Cape

Pop:1.23 mil

All Population Source:

A sparcely populated country with huge amounts of natural resources and a highly developed Western economy.

Its real estate market is certainly one to keep tabs on:

Real estate marketing professionals in South Africa:

Structure is almost identical to that in the UK. Estate agents market properties

Real estate laws in South Africa:

Real estate laws are set mainly by the Central Government