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Four renderings of The British National Anthem

Admire, appreciate and enjoy

Please remember to stand up ladies and gentlemen out of respect for Her Majesty

Those who were around in the 1950s, or earlier, will recall that in every cinema hall throughout the realm, the program would commence with a screening of advertisements by Pearl & Dean (remember their signature tune?). This would be followed by trailers of forthcoming films. Finally the main feature film would start. However, at this point the national anthem would be played and everyone would stand up. But of course, those were the days when people were civic and respectful, and there was still a 'Great' in Britain

Courtesy Author: Mandetriens; Source: Link

Courtesy Author: Ian Berwick; Source: Link
Courtesy Author: AntPDC; Source: Link
Courtesy Author: Ian Berwick; Source: Link